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Cutting Cords of Attachment Course

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This powerful course will help you understand why you have cords of attachment and how to destroy them once and for all. I show you the damaging effects of cords of attachment and explain in detail how to better handle your emotions and anxiety. Also included in this course is a powerful presentation and the eBook How to Cut Cords of Attachment. Remember, you are worth it! 🥰



In this mini video course about cutting cords of attachment I share my personal story with you about my toxic relationship and the soul sucking cord of attachment I had and how I finally broke free from it. 

I talk about self love, healing from demons in the past, building self confidence and so much more in this mini video. 

I hope you get a lot from this mini course. I created it with a lot of love. 🥰 

Please check out the 21 Day Challenge and my other video course How to Love Yourself. These are both great complimentary courses to this one. 
Mini Video Course
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Understanding effects and how to deal with attachment
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How to Cut Cords of Attachment mini eBook
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