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Are you freakin’ tired of:

  • being miserable all the time
  • all the toxic people in your life
  • struggling financially/personally/emotionally/spiritually
  • being treated like a doormat
  • being disrespected
  • nothing ever changing in your life, and
  • just being sad, lonely, frustrated and full of hate, anger and hurt

If you nodded  your head at least once while you read that, then stick around. This 21 day challenge is JUST what you need!

I’ve packaged up 21 days of powerful, kickass and epic challenges that will totally transform your life. So much so that it will blow your mind! 

Check this out!

Just a quick little welcome and hello vid from me. This video will answer some questions you may have and help you get to know me a wee bit more! 😊


Only for you if you are serious about changing your life!

The only life changing course you will ever need!!

If you're ready to push boundaries, face fears, tell people to f*ck off... ok no wait, sorry scratch that...teehee. If you're ready to remove toxic people from your life, reinvent yourself and so much more, well, you're in the right place.

The 21 day challenge course is only for people who are totally ready!! Who are willing to put in 100% commitment to changing their lives. 

The people who are ready to stand tall, face and defeat all obstacles and take like by the balls. 

The people who are tired of living a miserable, sad, frustrated/stuck existence and want to be free, happy, have inner peace, abundance, love and everything else magical and sparkly. 

The people who truly want to shout off the rooftops "I LOVE MY LIFE" and actually mean it!

Is that you? 

What to Expect!

Listen, I’m gonna tell you something straight up. This master class is NOT for the faint of heart. It’s for people who are totally ready to get shit done and create the life of their dreams.

If that’s not you, I don’t want your money. For real. 

BUT before I go on I should probably tell you a wee bit about the challenge and what to expect. 


You are with me, every day for 21 days (I have created daily motivational videos for you).

You will listen and watch my daily videos faithfully and with great enthusiasm (maybe). It doesn’t matter how hard the challenge is that day, you will shout “HELL YES IVA I GOT THIS!!” (also, maybe).

There is a printable workbook you will use every day for 21 days (but feel free to use your own if you have a favourite journal). 

You will complete every single day’s challenge, every single day!!! Period. 

I told you I was bossy!! Wait maybe I didn’t?

There are no breaks and the work is tough but on a lighter note there are a few different challenges I think you will really love! Like, they’re kinda fun!

Your life transformation doesn’t end when the challenge is over. Oh no no no. You have to keep going and keep working on some of the challenges. 

You keep working those until the pain and anguish is gone. That’s how long healing takes. 

21 Days of You and Me

Every day a new challenge that will push you out of your comfort zone, make you face your fears, grab life by the balls and SO MUCH MORE!!

21 days of me pushing you to take control of your life, believe in yourself, have faith and convince you that you can do the hard things. Like…


21 days of doing whatever it takes so that you can live the life you deserve. 

Are you really truly ready??

Don't Buy This Course If:

  • you aren’t 100% committed to changing your life
  • you don’t take orders (follow instruction) well
  • you don’t want to hang out with me for 21 days straight (I can be a bit much sometimes!)
  • you think making changes is too much work and 
  • you aren’t prepared to do the work
  • you are fine being miserable, unhappy, lonely, sad, frustrated…need I go on?

DO buy this course if:



You can do the hard things. Like changing your life around so that YOU can finally be happy!



No but, seriously. Who the heck am I to boss you around and tell you how to change your life in 21 days?

Well, we already know my name is Iva but here’s a bit more about me.

In 2013 my entire world came crashing down on me and I hit rock bottom. REALLY f*cking hard!! I was 51 years old at the time and had no clue what to do or how to fix my life. I had just closed a business, declared bankruptcy, left my abusive relationship and literally had nothing left to my name. 

I was broke and severely broken. Alone and terrified. 

After wallowing in self pity for far too long, I finally started working on myself to put back all the broken pieces, heal my inner demons and create a life of happiness, freedom, joy and inner peace. 

I had a lifetime of wounds to heal starting from my abusive childhood, all my toxic relationships, addictions, great loss, trauma and so much more.

I was a mess!!

My healing journey was long, messy, exhausting and beautiful. And I want to share it all with you now.

I want to share every single thing I did that took me from a life of misery to a life of happiness and abundance.

Because you deserve to be happy.

Because we all deserve to be happy.

We are NOT here for a life of misery, pain, anger, frustration, hurt, etc.

No no no!!!!

Happiness and joy, babe. That’s why we’re here and if you aren’t living a joyful life then you’re in the right place, right now!

But lemme tell ya, it’s one thing to want a new life, a happier life. It’s another thing to actually WORK on creating that life.

It’s up to you to create the life of your dreams. YOU need to be ready to do that. Are you ready? I mean, are you REALLY READY??I



Oh I’m so glad you asked.

If you do the challenges faithfully and give 100% effort and commitment, here are just a few things that may happen:

  • you’ll have less stress in your life
  • people will stop treating you like a doormat
  • you’ll certainly be happier!
  • you’ll have tons more self confidence, self respect, self esteem, self worth and self love (YAY)
  • you’ll be happier in all your relationships
  • you’ll have no hate, anger or hurt in your heart (or in your life), only love!
  • you’ll have way more courage to start doing super ballsy, adventurous and fun things
  • you will live a life you can be proud that you created yourself!
  • and so much more. 
Really the list of good things is endless. I’ve only listed a few super awesome things that will happen if you complete the challenge with 100% commitment. 

But the bottom line here is no matter how amaze balls this course is (and it really is) it’s up to you to do the work. I’ve only provided the tools for you to use. 

So. I ask you again…



These life changing courses easily sell for between $500-$2000.
I’m not even joking and I probably could easily charge over $500 considering all the powerful tools that are in this course (the videos alone are priceless and super motivational!!) but I can’t and won’t ever charge that much for anything I create for you. 


Because I know what it’s like to be completely down and out and need help but never be able to afford it. That’s super frustrating, especially when you really want to change your life but can’t afford any of the tools out there to help you.

I never want anyone to have to go through that. 

I want to be able to help you. I want you to be able to afford help. I want you to start taking action to change your life and I want to be with you when you do. 

And I need you to know, I sincerely and truly want to be in your corner as you transform your life, one day at a time and then in a year from now we can share a virtual hug and a high five!

That’s what I want for you. I know you want that too!

So…what are you waiting for? Remember nothing changes if nothing changes. Stop putting off your happiness for ‘tomorrow’.

Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday. 

See you on the inside!

Awesome Testimonials

This 21-Day Challenge changed my life, not once but twice. It provided just the encouragement and boost I needed to dig myself out of a funk in 2017 and again to provide inspiration in 2020. The workbook is an amazing tool that helped me follow along and absorb everything Iva shared. The 21-day challenge inspired me to look deep into myself, my actions and change my thoughts thus changing my life. Many of the activities have become valued resources that I return to repeatedly and often share with others.  If you are looking for encouragement and inspiration or just a little more positivity in your life, this challenge is for you.   - Rachel Johnson, North Carolina, US

Rachel Johnson

It’s already life changing and I’m only on Day I appreciate you, your style and you sharing these gifts so we can all grow in the direction we want to go!

Judy H.

This challenge totally changed my life and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for an awesome course and teacher!!!

Tanya C

I am LOVING this 21-Day Challenge!  It hasn't been easy, but it has pushed me to take the time to think about my life everyday.  I'm 52 and getting over heartbreak and grief of the past few years.  I loveyour fearless spirit... you are so inspiring!  I'm on a much better
 track towards a healthier lifestyle.  This is the summer of me!  I found the mind mapping extremely helpful for focus and direction.  I am also totally feeling the benefits of the truth letters.  I write
them in my head all the time, but putting it all down on paper and burning them has been much more therapeutic!  This will definitely be a lifelong emotional management tool.  Thank you for creating this experience. It is EXACTLY what I needed in my life right now. My depression can be super heavy at times and your guidance has helped me move through my emotional mud.  I look forward to the rest of the challenge!

Warmly, Kristen

There are several things in this challenge that are just that challenging. Like I want to crawl out of my skin challenging because they are uncomfortable and they make me think of things and feel things I'm not ready to do or feel. I think the truth letters have been hard but rewarding. I think it is helping me express the hurt and the pain and the why without destroying a person. I think
identifying toxic people and getting rid of them has been eye opening
because I didn't realize how much people take me for granted or the
traits those toxic people have that are triggers to me, like ego's or
fake. So that was a realisation that I hadn't come across prior to
this challenge. I think it's a positive way to dig deep, express yourself, learn about yourself but it's in a safe place.

I think your videos are good, positive to see a face with the challenge. It's real, you're vulnerable and raw with us and I think that helps with a connection.

Thank you for the time, commitment and work you put into this challenge. I know it is helping me...slowly to bloom with grace in
this new book I'm creating in my life.



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My Big Fat Fucking Beautiful Life Master Course

    This master course will have you doing life changing daily tasks for 21 days to get you into the habit of believing in yourself and doing the hard things. This signature course has changed hundreds of lives already. What are you waiting for?